Supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Nicholas Konstantinovich Roerich

Author name
tempera on canvas laid on cardboard
27 × 41 cm
Signatures, notes:

Монограмма справа внизу

Location of the works
Nicholas Roerich Museum. New York

Roerich Museum, New York (1931); Private col., USA (ca. 1931-1933); Katherine Campbell col., USA (1948); Nicholas Roerich Museum (1963)

"The Himalayas! To the north of us, here are two peaks of Gepang 23,000 feet high, so similar in shape to Belukha. Every day, they show you a new lighting, a new sky. The rough Rothang Pass – now, below it, in Rala, there are 100 feet of snow. Everything is infinitely new and wonderful. The unique outlines of the Stone. A gem"!

N. Roerich. The Himalayas.

"Here, peaks were also decorated with fresh snow – they sparkle. Just outside the window, I see an eighteen-thousand-foot high mountain, and it is not considered particularly high. But the fifteen-thousand-foot high Mont Blanc is venerable as a lord: everything is relative. On the north side, we see peak with a height of twenty-two thousand feet. Well, this Gepang is already recognized as a high mountain. I will have an opportunity to tell you everything".

N. Roerich. Grabar.