Supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Nicholas Konstantinovich Roerich

Author name
Шамбале Даик
tempera on canvas
91.3 × 126.5 cm
Signatures, notes:

Монограмма справа внизу

Location of the works
Nicholas Roerich Museum. New York

Foundation Roerich Pro Pace, Arte et Scientiae, Bruges, Belgium (loan) (1932); Les Amis de Bruges, Bruges, Belgium (loan) (1947); Svetoslav Roerich (by descent); Nicholas Roerich Museum (on loan since 1960; acquisition, 1963)

"Shambhala knows everything. But the secrets of Shambhala are well guarded. – Lama, how are the secrets of Shambhala guarded? – It is claimed that many agents of Shambhala, many messengers hurry around the world. – How can they keep the secrets entrusted to them? – The Great Holders of Secrets closely observe those to whom they entrusted their work and gave high orders. If an unexpected misfortune happens to them, they will be immediately helped. And the entrusted treasure will be preserved... When it is said that the shortest way to Shambhala passes through Kalachakra, this means that perfection is not an unattainable ideal, but that it can be achieved by sincere and zealous striving here, on this very earth and in the same incarnation. This is the Teachings of Shambhala. Truly, everyone can join it. Truly, everyone can hear the sounding word of Calagia! But to achieve this, one must devote himself entirely to a creative labor".

N. Roerich. The Shining Shambhala.