Supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Nicholas Konstantinovich Roerich

Author name
tempera on canvas
81.6 × 91.5 cm
Signatures, notes:

Монограмма слева внизу

Location of the works
Nicholas Roerich Museum. New York

Helena Roerich col.; Katherine Campbell col., USA (1948); Nicholas Roerich Museum (1970)

The ancient Gondhala is located 16 km from the capital of Lahul – Kyeilong, on the way to Manali. The Takura Castle was built by Raja Man Singh from Kullu for the Thakur of the village of Gundla (Gondhala) and is dates back to 1700 A.D. Unfortunately, the castle is not well preserved and continues to deteriorate. Nikolay Roerich noted that high-rise buildings of Tibet can compete with American skyscrapers. So, surely, the artist admired the 8-story tower of the castle, built of wood and stone. The castle is located on the right bank of the Chandra River, offering magnificent views of the mountain peaks.
In the old days, the Gondhala Castle was the pride of the entire region. The main tower was used as a refuge during attacks and was surrounded by a complex set of buildings.
"We are astonished at the ancient castle of Gundla thakurs. We are amazed to see that some of the peaked roofs of the balconies resemble Norway. It is instructive to observe flat roofs, an indispensable legacy of the Ancient Asia, and these unexpected peaked endings resembling the North."

N. Roerich. The Geser-Hhan's Sword.