Supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

Nicholas Konstantinovich Roerich

Main name
Эскиз к картине "Странник светлого града"
Author name
Sketch for Wanderer from the Resplendent City
tempera on canvas laid on cardboard
30.5×38.5 cm
28570 КП
9326 II
Location of the works
The State Museum of Oriental Art

The sketch presents the image of the Light City, a holy city with white Orthodox churches, a kingdom of truth and the law of God. Few bold wanderers went in search of the Kingdom of Prester John and Belovodye. Their spiritual thirst, their striving to “enlighten (in) yourself the light of knowledge” (Hosea, 10, 12) did not prevent them from making a difficult journey and suffer hardships. In the sketch, the City is pained in gentle tones, highlighted by pink rays of the sun. The gently turquoise sky and the vault of clouds create a sense of height and purity, lightness and flight.

In his article “The Light City”, N. Roerich wrote: “He will really go! Pilgrims go to Shambhala, to Belovodye. No abyss will stop the striving of the spirit. They know the Prester John and Gesar Khan and the Lord of Shambhala. Behind the white mountains, the bells of the monasteries ring. Among the spiritual movements created in recent years, the pilgrim of “The Light City” particularly stand up.”