Nicholas Roerich Heritage

Every culture (even a material culture)
is a culture of the spirit; Every culture has a spiritual basis & mdash; It is the product of creative work of the spirit over the natural elements ...»
N. Roerich
Supported by
The Ministry of Culture
of the Russian Federation

The project is designed to unite on one site reliable information about the life, creativity and heritage of the Roerich family, including biographical data, works of art, archival documents and photographs, bibliographic data, etc.
Currently in the Internet there are about 30 different sites, one way or another, popularizing the legacy of the outstanding Russian artist and thinker NK. Roerich. Meanwhile, despite the existence of a steady interest in the creativity of Nicholas Roerich and numerous Internet resources, the study and presentation of his heritage has not yet made a major step in combining these efforts.

The purpose of creating a website is to deduce the study and popularization of the Roerich heritage to a qualitatively new level

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06 July 2018

Оргкомитет Международной премии имени Николая Рериха открыл приём заявок-представлений для участия в конкурсе. 

05 July 2018

Приглашаем Вас принять участие в ежегодной научной конференции "Рерихи в мировой культуре. 2018".

29 June 2018

В Национальной библиотеке Республики Карелия открылась выставка сорока факсимильных копий картин Николая Рериха.

21 June 2018 – 12 July 2018

Ценителей творчества Николая Рериха ждут открытия.

09 June 2018

8 июня в Музее Рерихов состоялась презентация впервые сделанного перевода одного из центральных священных текстов буддизма – Калачакра-тантры.